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New Indian technology 'Lifelisation' to increase shelf-life of fruits and veg

08 Aug 2018

The Indian Institute of Himalayan Bio-resource Technology (IHBT), a CSIR centre at Palampur, has introduced ‘lifelisation’, a technology that can help horticulturists of the state and change the way people eat snacks in India.
Director of the IHBT, dr Sanjay Kumar, said it had been introduced in India for the first time by his institute. “We have standardised the technology as per needs of the fruits and vegetable market in the country.” He said if this lifelisation technology was adopted, the shelf-life of many perishable fruits and vegetables could be increased up to six months.
Via lifelisation technology, fruits or vegetables are super cooled after which their water content gets converted into crystallised form. The crystallised water can be then removed from the fruit or vegetable. With water removed from the fruit or vegetable, the weight is reduced to just one to two percent of the original. However, the nutritional loss is at maximum 10 percent, dr Sanjay Kumar said.
According to, the Director of the IHBT claimed that even after removing the water content, the original taste of fruits and vegetables remains. The shelf-life increases to about six months and the nutrition is retained. He further said the beauty of the technology was that the fruits and vegetables processed through the lifelisation technology could also be restored to their original form in case someone intended to do so.
The Tribune