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Modi apples from Italy enter India through IG International

23 Jan 2018

Even as owners of this patented club variety hope to get a strong footing in India’s growing fruit market, the name of the variety has no connection, whatsoever, with the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. 

The variety was developed by CIV (Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti) --a group of specialist plant breeders set up in Italy in 2007-- by crossing the popular Liberty and Gala varieties of apples. 
According to the company, the variety was named after the artist Amedeo Modigliani, called “Modì” by his friends, who became famous for his female portraits with shiny and bright colours. 
Tarun Arora, director of IG International, said, "Modi apples are a club variety and it would be the single largest club variety to be imported into India. These apples have already become available at the Star Bazar stores and agricultural markets of metro cities." 
Although Modi apples are a club variety, by pricing them at Rs 160/kg in retail, the company hopes to gain a significant market share in India. In India, this variety has been registered under Trademark Class 31 
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